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Physical Rehabilitation

At Chicago InHealth Center, your recovery is our top priority. Because of this our doctors pay close attention to your symptoms and work to accurately diagnose and treat the cause. Due to their extensive training in exercise physiology, joint mobilization, acupuncture, and natural medicine, Dr. Graham Pommerehn and Dr. Iris Zhao are able to offer a wider range of treatment options for their patients in addition to traditional physical rehabilitation. This helps to effectively treat the condition, speed recovery, and reduce treatment time.

Functional Rehab

109_physical_therapy_istock_000003913066xsmall_bgEditor_1332957958625The goal of functional rehab is to restore strength,  restore function, and enable patients to return to a normal functional lifestyle at pre-injury levels while reducing their risk of re- injury. We do this by carefully selecting specific exercises catered for each individual patient’s needs.  Patients in our clinic will train one on one with their doctor to strengthen injured areas, improve mobility and function, and reach  optimum recovery.

Manual Therapy

massaging shoulder and back at day spaAt Chicago InHealth Center, we utilize several soft tissue treatment techniques including Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique®, trigger point therapy, joint and soft tissue mobilization, and spinal traction. Each one of these techniques are proven successful at reducing pain and inflammation, increasing range of motion, regaining anatomical function and inducing tissue repair. By utilizing these methods our patients are able to make a quicker recovery and get back to a healthier pain free life.

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