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Disc Herniation

Spinal disc herniations can occur anywhere along the spine and can be a serious debilitating condition. A common misconception is that most disc herniations occur suddenly. On the contrary, most herniations are a slow ongoing process that eventually reach a breaking point resulting in severe insult to the disc and intense pain.

The most common symptom of disc herniation is pain that radiates down the leg, or down the arm. Associated symptoms include weakness in the extremity, numbness, and muscle spasm. If you think your pain is due to a disc herniation, it’s important to have it examined immediately as the condition can worsen over time.

At Chicago InHealth Center we have special training in examining & treating disc herniations of the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine. Although disc herniations can be a serious matter, most are easily treatable without the need for drugs or surgery. Our training allows us to quickly identify whether your symptoms are treatable with conservative care or if a more invasive approach is what you need.

Once determined, specific low grade exercises are taught to our patients to quickly reduce their pain and prevent re-occurrence of symptoms. Special instruction is given for continued treatment and pain management at home. One of the techniques used at our clinic “The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy┬«” is quickly becoming the gold standard in treating cervical and lumbar disc herniation and most patients report a significant reduction in symptoms in 1-3 visits.

Advanced diagnostic imaging may be ordered if significant reduction in pain is not seen within 3 sessions.

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